Cyber Security training for administrators and IT infrastructure resources



 1 day


Participants will learn to better understand information protection methods as well as issues facing internal and external threats.  



Cybersecurity training for administrators and IT infrastructure resources will allow participants to learn more about several topics related to information security such as information propreties, risk management, cryptography, the information protection environment, access control techniques and application security. It will provide the basics of Cybersecurity for participants who work with information assets on a daily basis and will make it easier to identify the main risks facing them .

Training modules

Module 0 – Introduction and Course Outline

Module 1 – Security and Risk Management ;

Module 2 – Cryptography 

Module 3 – Communications and Network Security

Module 4 – Identity and Access Management

Module 5 – Software Security

450 $ per person for 1 day

800 $ per person for 2 days