Cyber risk management


around half of Cyber Attacks target small businesses.

Do you know your Cyber Risks?

Cyber ​​risks are at the heart of business concerns today. The threats are numerous and companies, large and small, lose large sums of money by ignoring them.

But what are cyber risks? The concept really encompasses any risk of financial loss, disruption of business operations or even damage to the reputation of the business.

A modern platform for better visibility and better decision-making in the face of cyberthreats.

Find out how to properly analyze, manage and measure your cyber risks, in order to make better decisions.


Cyber Risks Assessment


To fully understand cyber risks, it is important to be able to assess the impacts on the business as well as the frequency of events. Recognized methods are used to fully understand the level of each risk.

Establish a risk register


Identifying the risks is a first step. The risk register helps ensure that senior management is aware of cyber risks and allows for better monitoring of action plans.

Present Cyber ​​Risks to the Board of Directors


To make good decisions, the Board of Directors must be able to have an overview of the major risks and the impacts on the organization. Custom reports make it easy and concise to provide information.

Vulnerability Assessment & Verification


Vulnerabilities are present in all businesses. The verification and validation of vulnerabilities makes it possible to better identify possible problems and define action plans.

Reduce Cyber Insurance Risks Premiums


Several insurance companies offer to cover your Cyber ​​Risks. To reduce your premiums, you need to implement several methods of protection and prove to your insurer that your controls are in place.

Comply to Standards and Good Practices


For more than 20 years, standards and good practices have made it possible to reduce your cyber risks. Whether we are talking about ISO, NIST, Cybersecurity Canada or PCI DSS, many organizations and authorities offer control frameworks that can be put in place quickly.

We can help build Cybersecurity solutions adapted for you.

Is your organization vulnerable?

By carrying out attack simulations, Lucy allows us to check the security level of your organization in order to highlight its vulnerabilities and put in place suitable solutions.

Every 11 seconds

An organization is victim of a ransomware in the World.


Emails sent



Clicks on a link



Successful attacks



Cybersecurity Tests

  • Phishing
  • Evaluation of the infrastructure
  • Malware
  • Evaluation of Passwords
  • Firewall vulnerabilities
All tests available on the Lucy platform

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You wish to provide Cybersecurity Awareness to your employees?

Awee is our sister company. Through it, we offer to educate your employees through e-learning capsules,  lunch & learn or an app, so that they become more cybersecure at work and in their daily lives.

Capsules for employees | Capsules for managers | Capsules IT personnel

Phishing, Ramsomware, Social Ingineering…

Discover all the themes that will allow your employees to protect your organization by neutralizing cyberthreats.

Organize a lunch & learn or a workshop to raise awareness about cybersecurity in a user-friendly way within your company

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